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Offical tryout dates are finally here!
Please email Coach Berry ( ) for more in depth tryout information.

Monday, July 13 starting at 7:15pm
- Returning athlete interviews -

Tuesday, July 14 starting at 4pm
- New athlete interviews -

Wednesday, July 15 at 3pm-5pm
- Tryouts Day 1 -

Thursday, July 16 at 3pm-5pm
- Tryouts Day 2 -

Friday, July 17 at 3pm
- Tryouts Day 3 -

Please fill out this form if you are interested in trying out for our program!


What we are looking for on our teams:


Junior Varsity: Traditional-

Previous cheerleading experience is not required for those interested in making our Junior Varsity team. We look for a strong presence on the mat shown by smiling and crowd engagement, and someone who yells loud and rallies after each skill. We want a well-rounded athlete who shows that they are willing and able to learn our cheerleading material. Junior Varsity athletes are able to tryout for the Varsity Game Day team if they are interested in doing so.

Varsity: Traditional/Game Day-
Tumbling skills are recommended for the Varsity Traditional/Game Day team. We would like at least 90% of our Varsity Traditional/Game Day athletes to have Varsity level tumbling (some form of a tuck). We will focus on picking the best team, not just the best athletes. If you bring other strong cheerleading abilities/qualities to the table, you can make the team without Varsity level tumbling. We want a well-rounded athlete who shows they can be a part of a Varsity team, and will work hard to develop Varsity skilled tumbling.


Everything you need to show at tryouts will be taught to you at clinics EXCEPT for tumbling and stunting. You should only show skills you have mastered without a spotter. NO spotters will be provided at clinics/evaluations. Stunting will be evaluated at tryouts. A stunt group will be provided for you. You will be taken through progressions and your stunting skills will be checked off. If you do not have stunting experience, you will be taken through basic drills to evaluate your potential. Arapahoe High School and the AHS Cheerleading Coaches are not responsible for injury. Only throw skills that you have practiced before, and feel confident in throwing. 

At tryout clinics you will be taught and evaluated on: 

  • 1 dance

  • 1 cheer

  • 1 chant

  • Jump technique

  • Motion drill

  • Kicks

  • Flexibility

  • Stunting - we will not be stunting at tryouts this year due to COVID-19 and LPS district guidelines

  • Tumbling (no spotting)


All participants at the tryout clinics should wear a t-shirt and shorts of their choice, and supportive tennis shoes or cheerleading shoes. All participants at the final evaluation should wear black shorts, a comfortable plain white t-shirt, supportive tennis shoes or cheerleading shoes, and white no-show socks (black spandex under shorts recommended). A cheerleading bow is optional but encouraged. 

  • Hair must be pulled up, out of your face and off the shoulders  

  • Please no tank tops or bras showing

  • Cheer/Athletic shoes must be worn 

  • NO JEWELRY OR GUM allowed

  • Please bring a water bottle

  • Nails must be cut to a length that cannot be seen past the fingertips when looking at the hand “palm side to you” – NO ARTIFICIAL NAILS OR TIPS. You will sit out of tryouts if your nails are not appropriate (this is a safety issue).