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Arapahoe High School Cheerleading

    Continue to practice good hygiene

  • Hand washing with soap and water before practice or use of hand sanitizer 

  • Avoid touching face

  • Sneeze or cough into tissue or inside of your elbow

    • Wash or sanitize after 

  • Disinfect frequently used items and surfaces

  • Consider wearing face covering masks while in public

  • Any equipment used will be only used by the athlete who brings item for the entirety of open gym/practice


Coaches or athletes who feel sick or are uncomfortable must stay home

  • Do not come to practice/open gym

  • Contact and follow the advice of you medical provider

  • Athletes or coaches will not be cleared to return to practice until cleared by a medical professional if showing COVID-19 symptoms

  • Parents and athletes are expected to complete a self-check (temp, cough, shortness of breath, etc.) prior to open gym/practice

  • All participants will need to sign a waiver/permission slip to attend open gym

  • No spectators are allowed - parents, siblings, etc. must remain in their cars or leave Arapahoe High School property until open gym/practice concludes 

  • No groups of athletes will be allowed to congregate after or before their open gym/practice

    • Please be prompt in picking up athletes


PHASE 1 - Starting June 17 

    Coaches will maintain a daily attendance record for every practice

Team gatherings permitted under the following conditions:

  • Each athlete must have a LPS and Arapahoe High School Cheerleading COVID-19 waiver filled out prior to participation

    • Injury waiver is included 

  • Athletes will be asked to wear masks as they are walking out to the AHS Lacrosse fields

    • While maintaining social distancing with peers who are also attending open gym

  • Masks during open gym are recommended but not required during participation in open gym

  • Athletes must sanitize hands before starting and at various times throughout open gym

    • After a water break, before going home, ect.

  • 10 athletes and 2 coaches per open gym

    • 6 feet distance will be obtained through the entirety of open gym

  • No physical touching is allowed between athletes during this phase

    • No stunting, partner stretching, hugging, high fives, ect. 

  • Any equipment used will be only used by the athlete who brings item for the entirety of open gym/practice

  • No cheerleading mats, poms, signs, megaphones, ect. will be used during this phase

  • Athletes may only come in with backpack filled with items they need for that day

    • Water bottle, snacks, athletic tape, ect. will not be shared

  • AHS indoor bathrooms will not be accessible 

  • Participants and coaches are strongly encouraged to wash all workout clothing after each workout session

  • If we feel there will be a weather problem - we will cancel open gym prior to arrival via BAND app alert and email

    • If weather is present after open gym has already started, coaches will lead athletes into proper shelter and adhere to the AHS Emergency Plan


      PHASE 2 - Starting July 6 
      LPS Phase 2: Larger Group Workouts and Low Risk Sports

      Non-Physical Contact (Indoor and Outdoor Student Contact Allowed)

      ● Both indoor and outdoor in-person workouts/practices/meetings allowed.
      ● Coaches/sponsors and students are the only individuals allowed to participate. In order to adhere to
      social distancing guidelines, no spectators will be allowed.
      ● A maximum of 10 allowed in any indoor area, i.e., gymnasium, weight room, etc.
      ● If possible, groups meeting indoors will enter and leave through separate doors.
      ● Parents/guardians need to complete a COVID-19 symptom self-check with their students each day
      before they attend in-person activities. Students with a fever of 100 degrees or higher or who are
      demonstrating symptoms should not come to practice.
      ● Masks recommended indoors, optional outdoors. Appropriate sport gloves and hand protection should be
      ● Coaches/sponsors will maintain attendance records for each day of workouts/practices/meetings.
      ● Increase in the number of participants allowed will follow state and local recommendations.
      ● Published spacing requirements must be met. Indoor drill work should be done in smaller groups of
      5-10 spread throughout the practice area.
      ● If requirements allow, small group, team instruction permitted, i.e., dummy offense and defense
      (basketball 5-on-0; football position work; softball/baseball infield work, etc.). A sport such as tennis
      could allow singles practice competition. Each player uses their own tennis balls while serving (tennis
      centers already utilizing this tactic).
      ● Other lower risk (contact) activities like swimming, golf, weightlifting, baseball, softball, instrumental
      band, choir and gymnastics may resume if requirements allow.
      ● No sharing of workout clothing, i.e., practice vests, helmet covers, etc.
      ● Equipment will be sanitized before, during and after workouts. This is the responsibility of the
      ● No common area usage.
      ● Students bring their own water bottles.
      ● Clothing and personal equipment should be cleaned and sanitized following each workout.