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Questions? Please contact Coach Larry Deffenbaugh
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Pre-Season Open Gyms:       February 25, 2021 (6:15 am - 8:00 am Each Day
                                                  Alternate Days for 11/12 and 9/10 Please See Schedule in Letter
Official Practice Begins:        March 8, 2021 (Each Day Please See Schedule Below 
                                                 11/12 Mornings, 9/10 After School)

1st Matches for All Levels:    March 15, 2021 (Total Matches 14)
Regular Season Ends:           April 24, 2021
Regionals:                               May 1, 2021 (Completed By)
State:                                       May 5/6/7, 2021
All players must have all forms filled out online and a completed current physical on file with the AHS Athletic Department prior to the official start of the season on March 8th.   All registration information for athletes can be found on our AHS Athletic website's main page at ;     Any questions, please contact the AHS Athletic Department.
Here is the letter that was sent out by email.
Greetings All AHS Volleyball Players and Parents
It looks like we are going to have a high school volleyball season this year and we are very excited for all involved! Yahoooo! As students, families, parents and friends, you have looked adversity right in the eye and stared it down!  We hope this perks your spirits up as we begin to gear up for March Volleyball!
Below is most of the information you will need to get your child prepared for the upcoming season. Should you have any questions, please contact me by cell or email.  
Registering for the High School Volleyball Season:  
All players will need to have all paperwork and a current physical on file with the AHS Athletic Department prior to the first day of practice beginning Monday March 1st.  You can register at Go to the website and click on "Register."  Many of you are already registered and understand the system.  If you are new to the registration process, there is a video tutorial on youtube.  Go to youtube and type in Arapahoe HS Athletics and the  click on subscriptions.  The registration tutorial is at the very end of all of the games that are on the channel. Please get this work completed a minimum of 1 week prior to the opening of practice.
Open Gyms:
All Players Are Required to Wear a Mask At all Times over their mouth and nose. Hand sanitizer required before and after practice.Temperature checks will be taken.  Check all other symptoms questions on the Phase 3 Form at home as you will be asked at the gym. 
This means wearing your mask over your mouth and your nose. 
Open Gyms have been scheduled for February 25th through March 6th.  These Open Gyms are voluntary and are not required.  We are providing this opportunity for all of our athletes to learn our system and get some fundamental touches on the ball.  Open Gyms will be from 6:15 am - 8:00 am every morning. We are doing this to give all of our players the opportunity to attend. You will enter through the West Athletic Entrance.  We will alternate 9/10 with 11/12.  Some players that are in grades 9 and 10 may move up to the 11/12 slots..   The schedule is as follows.
You must wear  a AHS VB T-shirt or AHS T-shirt to Open Gyms and practices.  No club or college T-shirts.  
Thursday 2/25 (Grades 11/12), 
Friday 2/26 (Grades 9/10), 
Monday 3/1 (Grades 11/12)
Tuesday 3/2 (Grades 9/10)
Wednesday 3/3 (Grades 11/12)
Thursday 3/4 (Grades 9/10)
Friday (3/5 (Grades 11/12)
Regular Season CHSAA DATES: (The CHSAA 2020-2021 Calendar is available at
Pre-Season Begins:               February, 2021 (See Times Above)
Official Practice Begins:        March 8, 2021 (See Times Below)
1st Matches for All Levels:    March 15, 2021 (Total Matches =14. Six week match season.)
All High School Matches will be played on Tuesdays and Wednesdays 
                                                 Main Gym: JV-4:30; Varsity-7:00.  (Spaced Timing for Air Circulation and Sanitizing)
                                                 Aux Gym: 10th-4:15; 9th-6:30pm  (Spaced Timing for Air Circulation and Sanitizing)                                                  
   Regular Season Ends:          April 24, 2021
Regionals:                              May 1, 2021 
                                        State:                                     May 5/6/7, 2021 (This May Change)
Official Practice
Official practice/tryouts begins Monday March 8th.  First, let me say that the coaching staff and the athletic department understand the conflicts that we will have this HS season due to Club Volleyball going on at the same time.  After much discussion, the CHSAA made the decision to keep volleyball in Season C. There are just too many conflicts and Title IX concerns to move HS Volleyball to Season D.  Therefore we have devised a schedule that MUST keep the Varsity VB Team in a bubble (There will be no drills or scrimmaging or practicing with the 9th, 10th and/or JV Teams.) for the entire season, while also keeping  the JV, Sophs, and Frosh as safe as possible.  Please know that our Volleyball program has 4 teams.  We understand that it may be tough for some players to do both. I know that club coaches and high school coaches have high expectations for their players, and they should. I want you to know that I do not view our AHS high school program as being in competition with club volleyball.  I want what is best for all of our athletes.  I am just trying to work out the best possible compromise for all of our players and trying to provide a positive experience at the high school level to all of our WARRIORS. Families and student-athletes may ultimately have to make a choice and a decision that is best for them.  We just ask you to think about it before making a decision.To make this work and in support with the Athletic Department,  we have devised the following high school practice schedule for the 2021 season.
Official Practice Schedule
We will play a double round robin in league to get our 14 matches.  This means 2 matches per week and one tri on Friday March 26th.  All matches will be played on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. CHSAA requires that each team must play 8 matches to have an RPI for the opportunity to qualify for Regionals.  We need to get in as many matches as safely as possible.  This is why Varsity is being put in a bubble.  So the best case scenario was to put JV in the Aux Gym and Varsity in the Main Gym for morning practices.  We could not put all teams in the gyms in the mornings as we would not be able to keep varsity in the bubble.  We had to put Freshman and Sophomore Teams after school.  Since basketball playoffs will still be going on, we are going to put both teams in the Aux Gym until the playoffs are over.  Once the basketball playoffs are completed for our teams and the playoffs are over, the Sophomores will begin practicing in the Main Gym for the rest of the season.  
Here is the schedule:
Please Note: All club players need to be in attendance at  2 of the 3 high school practices each week to be eligible to play in matches.
Varsity and JV Practice: 6:15 am - 8:00 am (6:00 am set up).  Varsity - Main Gym. JV - Aux Gym. Monday, Thursday and Friday mornings.
March 8-12: Practices will be everyday before school for Varsity and JV Teams.
Frosh/Soph Practice:     3:45 pm - 5:30 pm (set up after school) Aux Gym. Monday, Thursday and Friday afternoons.
Both Teams will practice in the Aux Gym on Separate Courts until Varsity Basketball Playoffs are over.  Then both teams will move to the Main Gym.March 8-12: Practices will be everyday after school for 9th and 10th Grade Teams.

Volleyball Fund Fees
 All players will pay an athletic fee to AHS.  The AHS Volleyball Program does not have a booster club.  We now have what is called the AHS Volleyball Fund.  The participation fee for volleyball pays for all of a player's gear including 2 t-shirts, a pullover for players, a backpack (if they do not have one already), team socks, Team Dinner in the AHS Commons Area,etc. The Volleyball Fund Fee for this 2021 AHS VB Season will be 175.00.  This fee is due after teams have been decided.  
Team Cuts: During tryouts. 
Fundraising Program:
A web page has been set up for volleyball fundraising. We are running our fundraising page which is ongoing and year round through the "Giving Fuel" program.  Lori Winnerstrom, a secretary at the Main Office set up the website through a company.  It works like Snap Raise except we get 100% of the profits.  We do not have to donate 30% of the profits back to Snap Raise.  The website is up and running.  Anyone can go to the page and donate now.  We will be asking all players to reach out by text or email to 20 people they know (relatives, friends, family friends, businesses you have supported that you can ask  for donations, etc).  When you go to our website, you will see the "AHS Volleyball Wishlist." For example, just for this year we will spend $3,000.00 the HUDL video program, $6,000.00 for two additional coaches.  We also need to replace all of our VB Standards to the tune of $8,000.00.  4 new nets at $1600.00 (already ordered).  Right there we are looking at $17,000.00 approximate.  We will be ordering yard signs as well.  
The link to our fundraising page can be sent by text or email to as many people as you like.  The minimum donation is $5.00.   You can also go to and click on "DONATE" to access our fundraising page.
Once we decide on teams we will be asking our players to text or email this information out with the link above. This is a very simple fundraiser which lays out what we need for our program and could you please help?  I like this format and the fact we get 100% of the profits.  Our players do not have to sell anything except our website.

Parent Help:  We will need Team Parents once Teams have been decided.  We will organize this then.  If you are interested, please text me and let me know.  
Team Pictures:  We are scheduling Team Picture Day
Team Gear:  Team Gear is being ordered.  Also we are creating a web page to order other gear from for players and parents and any other Warriors.  Gear is mailed directly to your house!
Get in touch with me if you have questions!  We are excited for the season and are looking forward to seeing everyone again!
Go Warriors!

Larry Deffenbaugh


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